Van Input

So my main man/van ‘Dudley’ is going to be transporting us, and our trip’s kit and kaboodle, as far as the roads will take us–Iconnu Lodge (from where we’ll take a helicopter to Mt. Proboscis).  Check out some pics of Dudley.  Also, I’m considering a way to transport diesel on the outside of the vehicle if anyone has any suggestions.  The solution could be done as a custom welding job from Pat (Emily’s boyfriend).  Ideally it would be on the back and be versatile enough for fuel jugs or bikes.


About Madaleine

Bruises from playing outside amused me when I was young. My legs are all bruised today from climbing, so it must be a good fit. I enjoy all kinds of climbing and continue to be inspired by big wall adventures. I am thankful for a climbing life, my goals, and the countless formative experiences with new and old partners. I’ve worked many hours in outdoor programs and as a rock guide (Completed the American Mountain Guides Association Rock Guides course in 2005) and love sharing a playful attitude with someone roping up for their first times. Predominantly growing up in the city/suburbs landscape of Washington D.C., climbing has been an obvious outlet into natural world. I usually live in Boulder, Colorado and finished my first year of a graduate program in land-use and environmental planning. I’ve learned that sharing a central passion with others brings great joy to all and I look forward to further fusing multimedia storytelling with this adventure.
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