We did It!

This morning the storm broke, and sun shone on the mountains near Mount Proboscis. We waded through 15” of wet, heavy snow, taking down our tents and lugging our haul bags through the paths we’d made over the snow-covered boulders. Warren flew in with the Hughes helicopter and scooped us back to Inconnu Lodge, where the blueberries are out, the hot tub is hot, and the company is fine.

We spent 25 days living in the boulder field at the base of Proboscis, and ten days total climbing on the face (or “the hill,” as the Canadians call it). We climbed to the top on Via Costa Brava, and after five days of work, sent the four independent pitches of the Original Route. We rated it 5.12 R.

It feels surreal to be here. But being in the Cirque was also a little surreal.

We are looking through photos and video already, so we can give our first slide show to the guests here at Inconnu. Then we hit the road south.


About Emily Stifler

I grew up in Vermont and live in Bozeman, Montana. I love topography: mountains, rocks, weather and people.
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3 Responses to We did It!

  1. George Bell says:

    Congratulations!! Great job, gals!

  2. blase reardon says:

    Yeeeaaa! Way to go! Looking forward to hearing more and seeing pics.

  3. John Rich says:

    Awesome! Ever since stumbling across your Lurking Fear video I’ve been checking up here for updates on your big adventure. I’m so happy you gals accomplished your objective and came back safe and sound. Congratulations! Safe travels back down to the States.

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