Journal entry: Quality ledge time

I have been reflecting on crucial conversations from our trip and also looking back in my journal.  Here is an entry I copied from a notepad I had 1000 feet up on Proboscis.  It is taken from my journal August 15, 2010.  We all got to TR the crux that day, and Mad led it two days later.

Quality ledge time.  Emily and Mad are below: Mad is top-roping the two crux pitches on our project.  I have so far today tightened a bolt with a leatherman, and organized the gear up here.  Em climbed the long 5.10 pitch and sounded tired but happy to climb.  I haven’t climbed in over a week so I wonder how this onsight crux top-roping will go: Mad said it was harder than Costa Brava, which felt pretty hard two weeks ago when I followed it.

Madaleine had some awesome rock socks, cool shoes, and I had some beat shoes.


About Lorna K Illingworth

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon I grew up swimming in the city, exploring the forest around my home, and skiing up at Mt Hood. My British parents introduced me to fell walking on our annual trips to the Lake District to see family in the north of England, and instilled a love for travelling to new areas. I started rock climbing at Middlebury College, and took a semester off to go climbing and skiing in Canmore, Alberta, before traveling to Nepal for study. Being in the mountains drew me to climbing, and now I am keen to be hundreds or thousands of feet up on a wall. Since finishing college I have climbed in the States and abroad. Recently I have lived seasonally in Yosemite Valley, working on YOSAR.
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