International Travelers

It’s a warm winter day in Bozeman, and I am working away at my new job as editor of a regional paper called the Big Sky Weekly.

The Women at Work film premier at the Bozeman Ice Fest went well, and I have done a few other showings to groups of climbers and non-climbers. Now I’m collecting suggestions, so I can put together some final edits and hopefully submit to other festivals.

I just got an email from Lorna, who is in Lisbon, Portugal. She’s been climbing at a limestone crag by the Atlantic Ocean and visiting friends, and soon to return to nursing school in Oregon. She wishes she was climbing more… ALWAYS, eh? I wish I were climbing more, too, since I haven’t climbed anything without skis on my feet or out of bed in a couple months. In my defense, out of bed is pretty excellent, and the skiing has been so darn good this year.

I also just heard from Madaleine. She recently travelled to India, which she found fascinating. She stopped in London on the way back to the States and gave a presentation to the London Alpine Club. She said it was a memorable slideshow, and she showed pics from Moonlight to Freerider, and then the Women At Work film took center stage.

Hearing about all this international travel should make me antsy, but luckily I did have a brief interlude in Canada last week, when I went skiing in B.C. with a group of co-workers. Work ain’t all bad! Being back north of the border made me think of Lorna and Mad and all the cool Canadians we met last summer. Here’s a view of the Valhalla Range:


About Emily Stifler

I grew up in Vermont and live in Bozeman, Montana. I love topography: mountains, rocks, weather and people.
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